Welcome to the Property for Kids Website!

Property for Kids is the collective name for a group of individuals who form a committee with the sole intent of raising money for disadvantaged children in the West Midlands. ‘PFK’ supports many charities, large and small, primarily those with which our donation will provide a useful asset, such as a safe playground, a minibus or specialist equipment.

PFK came into being in the 1980s, precisely when, we are unsure. Suffice to say, some London-based property people said the provinces couldn’t arrange a decent social event and raise money at the same time. Never ones to avoid a challenge, a Horse Racing night was arranged with great success and Property for Kids was born. Over the years, many people have contributed to the Committee, volunteering their time and skills to help make our events a success.

You will see on the other pages some of the other events we have held. Themed nights, such as The Birmingham Hunt Ball, Bond Goes to Rio, Top of the Pops, A Night with the Stars, Moulin Rouge, Arabian Nights and Blazing Saddlebags have enabled us to raise in excess of £400,000 through the generosity of all those who have attended.

In 2006, we launched the BRENDAs. Forget those tall, slim gold statues, we have short, slightly plump versions for those in the world of property whose contributions to the industry are in some way unique. Always a sell out event, these prizes are treasured by the winners, so please keep in touch through the BRENDAs’ web site and come to our next event and witness this most prestigious of ceremonies!

There are a great many organisations who strive hard to help children with physical or mental handicaps or who simply have few opportunities in their lives. Property for Kids is proud to support these organisations through the generosity of the property industry.

Chris Batham-Read