Month: August 2017

Blog from Mark Robinson

31st August 2017

What can I tell you, I like riding my bike! My love of cycling was borne out of necessity initially because as a teenager living […]

Blog from Mathew Hurlston

31st August 2017

Having cycled for as long as I can remember, a centurion ride has always been an aspiration. I enjoy participating in many sports and lead […]

Blog from Richard Jones

17th August 2017

If I’m going to be totally honest how I got involved in riding for the PFK team then it could be described as a case […]

Blog from Stuart Armitage

15th August 2017

At around the time of my 40th birthday I realised that running was now on the list of things that my body can no longer […]

Blog from Will Sherlock

14th August 2017

Last year my cycling hit a turning point, I finally traded in my old trusty (and slightly rusty) road bike for a shiny, all singing […]