Blog from Lee Croucher

The proud owner of Giant Propel Carlos Fandango Racing bike and a veteran of ten tours you would think that I was at ease in the saddle! Well that’s not quite the case, the tours were trips away with the lads bonding in sunny climates and the bike was a steal on Gumtree! 

Football and Cricket were my sporting life until a few years ago when my body started t tell me to give it a rest, then my in-laws overheard my red wine bravado when I stated I was going to do a triathlon! So, you can imagine my surprise on Christmas day when I unwrapped my present from them to reveal entry into said event! Having now completed 3 Triathlons and realising swimming isn’t as easy as it looks I’ve decided to stay dry and focus on running and riding as well as my golf. 

I’m looking forward to teaming up with the other riders in the PFK team and taking on the challenge of the Velo while raising money and awareness for the charity. I’ll be the one who looks the part just before it all falls apart! See you at the start line.