Blog from Richard Jones

If I’m going to be totally honest how I got involved in riding for the PFK team then it could be described as a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And frankly I’ve only myself to blame. I woke up the morning after the Brenda’s with a sore head and a cheery email from Jilly welcoming me to the veterans PFK Velo team!  What on earth had I agreed to the night before? Then it all came flooding back to me… I vaguely recalled the discussion that had taken place that night in Primms and I had to face the reality of what I’d merrily volunteered for. However, I am as enthusiastic and committed now, as I was when I first volunteered. I’ve had the pleasure of supporting the PFK charity at a number of events over the years and have seen the great work the charity undertakes.

On a personal level I have undertaken a number of endurance races such as the London Marathon, the odd triathlon and the three peaks challenge but never a ride of quite this magnitude. I’ve been cycling for many years but it’s taken a back seat (excuse the pun) over the last few years. I’m pleased to back in the saddle to help raise awareness and raise money for such a great charity.  In order to be race fit I immediately joined a cycle club and have got some decent mileage under my belt. It’s fair to say this challenge has really reignited my passion for cycling and I look forward to completing it whilst raising as much money as possible for PFK.