Blog from Stuart Armitage

At around the time of my 40th birthday I realised that running was now on the list of things that my body can no longer cope with: The knee aches, the back strains, the waking up in the morning to realise another bit has dropped off in the night. I had to find another method of keeping the obesity at bay. Cycling was suggested to me, and I reluctantly got involved, fearing that it looked a little complicated. 6 years later and I’m a fully paid up MAMIL, and I’m (fairly) successfully keeping the obesity at bay, although this year has given rise to a few injuries (Calf, groin, lower back) largely products of donning the skin suit and pointy hat and pushing myself as hard as possible in search of precious extra speed in my cycling club’s Tuesday night Time Trials. Yes, things have got to the stage where this seems perfectly normal.

Despite all of the training and enthusiasm a 100 mile ride always hurts. I always ask myself why I put myself through it. This time I will have the answer: raising money for PFK will be worthwhile and noble cause, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.