Blog from Warrick Pannell

I remember my first bike well, a Raleigh Pippin, in red, with stabilisers; that childhood frustration of getting stuck with your pedals spinning but not touching the ground (thanks to the stabilisers) still lives with me today. I progressed to a hand-me-down Raleigh Burner BMX, then a Raleigh 5-speed racer and then finally mountain bikes… There it stuck and I was hooked. Downhill, as fast as you can, on or off road, that thrill has never left me. These days the potential consequences have probably slowed me down a bit, but not subdued my enthusiasm.

Cycling these days takes the form of weekly mountain bike rides out with a bunch of mates, around the trails local to us and via any pubs on (or near) the chosen routes, commuting to work when time permits and taking my six year old out at the weekends, encouraging him to build jumps from a plank of wood and a couple of bricks, and not fuss when he falls off…

For me, cycling is my escape. One day it might escape me, but until that time, slow up, fast down!