Blog from Will Sherlock

Last year my cycling hit a turning point, I finally traded in my old trusty (and slightly rusty) road bike for a shiny, all singing and dancing (and completely out of my budget) bike. Having convinced myself for many months in the lead up to the purchase that the more I spend, the more I will force myself to get out training, I can now confirm a year on my strategy has somewhat changed. Unintentionally more like a prized classic car; I am now the proud owner of a very very low mileage, dry stored, never ridden in the wet, nearly new road bike (I’m not sure it’s value has increased yet though)!

My cycling consists of sporadic events and rides usually well beyond my fitness level, accompanied by limited training yet alongside accomplished riders well within their comfort zone and fitness levels. Therefore the Velo 100 shall fit perfectly into my riding style. My strategy has led to team moral boosting comments (most not repeatable before the watershed) such as “what am I doing with my life” (said at 4 o’clock in the morning in the rain attempting a 24hr London to Amsterdam bike ride) and “this is the most miserable experience of my life” (said in the early hours of the morning on a dark rainy desolate rural French road during a 24hr London to Paris bike ride – whilst also suffering the ill effects of a dodgy chicken curry on the ferry).

I’m looking forward to taking on the Birmingham Velo and riding with the PFK team. I’m sure they’ll all appreciate my moral boosting from the back of the pack. PFK is a great cause and it is a privilege to help contribute to the cause. I’ve justified my lack of training as you shouldn’t enjoy yourself when raising money for charity. Also on the plus side – I don’t need to clean my bike for the start line!