Blog from Scott Lydon

I rediscovered cycling when asked to join a coast-to-coast ride in 2014 from Siloth to Newcastle with a group of like minded individuals from the construction industry.  This turned out to be a fabulous 3 day mountain bike adventure running parallel with Hadrian’s wall, the sense of adventure and thrill of being outdoors awakened something in me that I hadn’t felt since tearing around on a BMX as a nipper.


Whilst primarily focusing on mountain biking on the local trails in and around the Stourbridge and Black Country area I have recently added road biking to my outdoor pursuits and taken part in a number of social and industry related sportives and commute when I can to carry out the day job of Divisional Director for the Clancy Consulting Birmingham Office.  I’ve also managed to keep the mountain bike reasonably dirty with other cross country adventures such as another coast-to-coast trek from Barmouth to Chepstow and a completely mind boggling and eye opening 11 day cycling adventure across Vietnam & Cambodia for Challenge Cancer.


In the 5 years since I have rediscovered cycling it has become arecreational hobby #1 and whilst I don’t consider myself to be a rider of any significant technical ability, it is important enough to sometimes keep my bikes in the house.   I can’t wait to get stuck in to my first Velo riding with a fantastic bunch of people for PFK although this is not my first time supporting the charity as I also take part in The Snowball, the annual Christmas live music event that PFK host every year at the Jam House, as bass player for ‘Under Construction’ (recreational hobby #2)…..but that’s another story.’