A wonderful note from Birmingham Sherbourne Sea Cadets telling us how YOUR Property for Kids donations have been spent!





£2,370 was spent finishing off our Boat Deck (used for teaching, dining, band practice, parading during wet weather and social events) with Polysafe flooring, blinds, paint and decorating, insulation and boiler cupboards.

This space is now also being used by Grace Church, down the road from our unit, as an alternative meeting venue on special occasions. Once we have upgraded our kitchens and changing rooms/toilets, we would look to bring in revenue from this space to help with the running costs of the unit.

£2630.00 was spent of the purchase of the above Yole rowing boat (still in its wrapping until spring comes and the sailing season starts). Our unit made it to the Area (having won at District Level) competition in Bristol narrowly coming 2nd. Not having to borrow another units boat, when available, will make all the difference and I’m sure we’ll make it to the Nationals in London in both the single & doubles, male & female races.

Property for Kids also donated £500 towards a cadet. We have split this money between 2 cadets allowing them to join an offshore course this summer, something these 2 cadets would not have afforded otherwise. Their account of their experience, will I’m sure, be heartwarming when I forward it to you all.

Thank you, your generous donation has made a difference!


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