Charitable organisation Property for Kids puts the cherry on top of the cake as it raises £17,000 for Birmingham Hippodrome’s Young Carers programme from annual spoof property awards, The BRENDAS.

The Great British Bake Off themed event saw Property for Kids complete the fundraising for the young carers programme, which needs £32,000 to deliver a year round programme of drama and stage workshops for young carers in the West Midlands.

In its 11th year, The Brenda Awards attracted more than 400 influential property professionals who watched the contestants battle it out to win the title of star baker. The annual event sees professionals dig deep for charitable causes and has previously supported independent special school, Values Academy and Birmingham Children’s Hospital initiative C.H.A.R.M.S (Children’s Hand and Arms Surgery). The overall total raised from the event – £33,000 – will help Birmingham Hippodrome fund its programme for young carers as well as help other charities in the West Midlands.

Birmingham Hippodrome’s Young Carers programme provides children the opportunity to meet other young carers who experience similar problems. Each participant will learn new skills and build upon their confidence in a fun and creative environment.

This year’s summer workshop will see the children working with professional drama practitioners, musicians and singers for a fun-filled week based on a specifically written story about an old toyshop and the mysterious goings on inside.

Drawing from favourite musical theatre songs, original dance pieces and a newly created animated film, the young performers will be able to showcase their new skills with a show for their family, friends and guests.

There are more than 20,000 young carers living in the West Midlands with some as young as five years old. The charitable programme aims to expand over the next year to allow more participants as it works in partnership with Spurgeons, a specialist support agency.

Property for Kids is a charitable committee that raises money for disadvantaged children in the West Midlands through social and corporate events. Donations are made to local charities to invest in a useful asset such as a playground, mini bus or specialist equipment.

Liz Leck, Birmingham Hippodrome’s creative learning manager, said: “Young carers are young people from all different backgrounds who look after someone in their family such as an ill parent or young siblings. Spurgeons is a children’s charity that supports and speaks out for the UK’s most vulnerable and neglected children and young people. The work we do with Spurgeons helps the children to have a much-needed break and be themselves.

”Last year we asked the young careres to think about the work they do to help them recognize what amazing young people they are. Following this, they wrote and composed a song called The Power focusing on their power and strength – a celebration of what they are capable of. It is such a touching song and I hope one day it will be adopted as the national song for all young carers in the UK.”

Jilly Cosgrove, chairman of Property for Kids, said: “Thanks to the generous support of property professionals, we will been able to help improve the lives of many disadvantaged young people with the money raised.

“Birmingham Hippodrome Young Carers charity is such a worthy cause and one that we’re so pleased to be able to support. The theatre workshops will inspire young participants as well as teaching them new skills in a fun environment, allowing them to be children in a supportive environment and Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre Trust is a charity itself so it’s a win win situation.”


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