Property For Kids Jumping for the Jack at Boules Event

Property For Kids (PFK) raised a fantastic £8,250 at the resurrected property boules event, held at Silhillians Sports Club in Solihull

PFK raises money for disadvantaged children in the West Midlands, supporting a variety of charities by providing useful assets, such as: a safe playground, a minibus or specialist equipment.

The last Property Boules Event took place back in 2003, making this year the 15th anniversary since the games were last played, before PFK resurrected it.

The new incarnation consisted of a barbecue and Boules tournament, with a trophy and plate on offer for the winner and runner-up. Over 100 property professionals battled it out to try and get the closest to the jack in a series of very tense play offs.

Of the 32 teams that took part, Rapleys and KWB competed for the coveted new trophy in the final of the main competition, with KWB taking the honors. In addition, Willmott Dixon and GVA made it to the plate final, with GVA emerging victorious. What was more bizarre about KWB’s glory was that two of the team were also members in the 2003 event, which they also won.

In keeping with the history of the event, attendees were invited to come in fancy dress. Gateley’s team came away winners, opting for a French theme, pairing striped t-shirts with berets and mime artist makeup.

Jilly Cosgrove, Property For Kids Chairwoman, commented: “This is the first boules event in our history but, not for the industry – it is wonderful that we can bring back events that were once so eagerly anticipated by property professionals. We have been bowled over by the success and the amount of companies and individuals that wanted to be involved. At Property For Kids, we are all about raising money for good causes, but having fun while we do so, networking and trying new experiences. Thanks to the reaction we have had, this event will now become a regular summer fixture that everyone can look forward to.’

Furthermore, with the generous support of our co-sponsors Rhino Interiors and CoStar, we are all delighted that the funds raised on the day were so high and will provide a healthy target to exceed at next year’s event.

To express interest in taking part in any upcoming events, either playing or as a sponsor, please contact Jilly Cosgrove at The next PFK event is the Snowball at The Jam House.

Blog from Mark Robinson

What can I tell you, I like riding my bike! My love of cycling was borne out of necessity initially because as a teenager living in a country town in the Cotswolds the only way to see my mates was to cycle to them. This developed into a bit of time trialling before going to college but it’s always been a passion of mine because it helps me on so many different levels, it acts as a stress reliever, a time to think about things, a way to push yourself to your limit, and to enjoy some decent countryside.

For many years whilst friends played proper sports like football, rugby, golf, or squash I took myself off on my bike whilst dressed in lycra. Most people thought that this was a bit odd and really couldn’t see the attraction, however in recent years things have changed and cycling is, I guess, cool. It’s great to see so many people enjoying it irrespective of age and fitness level.

My experience on two wheels is reasonable I guess, I’ve completed 3 Etape du Tours and the gruelling Marmotte (which despite the pain at the time I recommend). I have also completed for Macmillan Cancer Research Lands’ End to John O’Groats 1.5 times (on the first attempt I was knocked off and hospitalised so felt the need to complete it the next year for the charity and the sponsors).  

In recent years my ability to cycle has been curtailed as I’ve become a father. My passion has transferred away from a piece of carbon fibre to a beautiful daughter, who thankfully looks like her mother! Her wellbeing and happiness is my top priority and it’s for that reason that I wanted to add my support to Jilly and Property for Kids to raise money for other children so that they can enjoy a better standard of life.

So when you’re considering if, or how much, to sponsor us please don’t think that this is a bunch of guys just out on their bikes for a mooch around but instead that there will be a fair amount of pain and suffering for everyone who takes part but they do it knowing that some children that have had a rough time of things will have a better time as a result of our efforts.

Blog from Mathew Hurlston

Having cycled for as long as I can remember, a centurion ride has always been an aspiration. I enjoy participating in many sports and lead an active life but cycling has always been close to my heart. From watching the Tour De France as a young boy to following Chris Froome winning for the fourth time this year. I have enjoyed taking part in a number of sportives and events over the years but 100 miles is my furthest challenge to date. To take on this challenge for such an inspiring charity, such as Property For Kids, is a real honour and I can’t wait to get in the saddle on the day. 

Blog from Richard Jones

If I’m going to be totally honest how I got involved in riding for the PFK team then it could be described as a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And frankly I’ve only myself to blame. I woke up the morning after the Brenda’s with a sore head and a cheery email from Jilly welcoming me to the veterans PFK Velo team!  What on earth had I agreed to the night before? Then it all came flooding back to me… I vaguely recalled the discussion that had taken place that night in Primms and I had to face the reality of what I’d merrily volunteered for. However, I am as enthusiastic and committed now, as I was when I first volunteered. I’ve had the pleasure of supporting the PFK charity at a number of events over the years and have seen the great work the charity undertakes.

On a personal level I have undertaken a number of endurance races such as the London Marathon, the odd triathlon and the three peaks challenge but never a ride of quite this magnitude. I’ve been cycling for many years but it’s taken a back seat (excuse the pun) over the last few years. I’m pleased to back in the saddle to help raise awareness and raise money for such a great charity.  In order to be race fit I immediately joined a cycle club and have got some decent mileage under my belt. It’s fair to say this challenge has really reignited my passion for cycling and I look forward to completing it whilst raising as much money as possible for PFK.


Blog from Stuart Armitage

At around the time of my 40th birthday I realised that running was now on the list of things that my body can no longer cope with: The knee aches, the back strains, the waking up in the morning to realise another bit has dropped off in the night. I had to find another method of keeping the obesity at bay. Cycling was suggested to me, and I reluctantly got involved, fearing that it looked a little complicated. 6 years later and I’m a fully paid up MAMIL, and I’m (fairly) successfully keeping the obesity at bay, although this year has given rise to a few injuries (Calf, groin, lower back) largely products of donning the skin suit and pointy hat and pushing myself as hard as possible in search of precious extra speed in my cycling club’s Tuesday night Time Trials. Yes, things have got to the stage where this seems perfectly normal.

Despite all of the training and enthusiasm a 100 mile ride always hurts. I always ask myself why I put myself through it. This time I will have the answer: raising money for PFK will be worthwhile and noble cause, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.